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We have a full size trampoline and staff who are fully trained rebound therapists.Our rebound therapists have devised personalised programmes for each individual who accesses our trampoline.  These programmes are revised and developed all the time as the people we support increase in confidence on the trampoline or improve their fitness and core strength and require new challenges. 



We are planning to add a spa area to our building, this will provide another sensory experience for the people we support.  The spa will be accessible by steps and a hoist.



TACPAC is an activity pack that combines touch and music to promote communication, social interaction and emotional development.


TACPAC begins with the simple sense of touch with a familiar, easy-to-get-hold-of, everyday object, such as a kitchen sponge, furry fabric etc. TACPAC have composed a piece of music specifically to match the texture, character, and even the emotional quality of the touch experience.

Each TACPAC session lasts around half an hour, and consists of six experiences in a sequence carefully planned for maximum variety of stimulus, always ending with a relaxing piece of music. Through linking what becomes familiar music with objects, actions and people in a pattern of different activities, the partners communicate with each other.


Sensory Stories

In these sessions we use sensory stories downloaded from the internet, the stories are projected onto a screen, there are instructions for staff to use objects relevant to the story such as a water mister when they come to the part of the story about the rain and a soft piece of furry material when it’s the part of the story where there is an animal.


There are a variety of stories that can be downloaded.


We keep records of all the people we support progress in all sessions, these are compiled every six months.


Ultra Violet (UV) light  Sessions in our U.V. room

Ultra Violet light, also known as black light, is used to encourage concentration and focus and promotes participation in an activity.  It also increases hand-eye coordination in individuals.  We hold several UV sessions a week working with individuals in small groups and on a 1-2-1 basis.





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