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                  City College Peterborough is committed to protecting your privacy

This Privacy Notice is written to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and other related legislation.

This brings the way we hold, process and use your data up to date taking into account advances in technology.

Please read this privacy statement carefully to understand how City College Peterborough will collect, use, manage, protect and share your personal data, as we understand that this is important to you.

We have a legitimate interest to collect your data, as we need this to be able process your details and this will only be stored for as long as necessary. This length of time will vary, depending on the reason that we have collected it, in cases of Health and Safety, this could be permanently.

Our legitimate interests are as follows:

  • selling and supplying goods and services to our customers


  • protecting customers, employees and other individuals and maintaining their safety, health and welfare


  • promoting, marketing and advertising our products and services


  • complying with our legal and regulatory obligations


  • preventing, investigating and detecting crime, fraud or anti-social behaviour, including working with law enforcement agencies


  • handling customer contacts, queries, complaints or disputes


  • effectively handling any legal claims or regulatory enforcement actions taken against CCP


  • fulfilling our duties to our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders.

How we collect and store data


We collect data about you in several ways: -

  • When you express interest about our courses or services

  • When you enrol on a course or are referred to Day Opportunities

  • We will gain information from your employer if they are funding your course

  • When you communicate with us via our website / by telephone / email when you enrol online or when you raise concerns or make enquiries

  • When consent is given for marketing purposes

  • When you contract to supply or receive a service from us

  • Referrals from our partners (such as NHS including Community Nurses, Learning Disability Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists and Community Psychiatric Nurses, JCP, Adult Social Care including Social Workers and Commissioners, schools and Local Authority including voluntary organisations such as PCVS and CAB)


Data is essential for our operational use. Whilst most of the information you provide to us is mandatory, some of it will be requested on a voluntary basis. In order to comply with the law, we will tell you when we ask for information whether it is mandatory or if you can choose not to give it.


We hold data securely for the amount of time shown in our Document Retention Schedule. Please see our website for further information or ask at Reception for a paper copy.


What we collect


We may collect the following personal data about you: -

  • Personal identifiers and contacts (such as your name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, national insurance number, where you live and nationality)

  • Assessment and attainment (Information about your prior education and employment)

  • Identification documentation (Valid Passport and Driving Licence)

  • Information about your family and personal circumstances

  • Sensitive personal data concerning your health, any disability and information about your gender and racial or ethnic origin

  • Safeguarding information (such as Educational Health Care Plans, Local Education Authority referrals, court orders and professional involvement)

  • Special Educational Needs (including the needs and other professional involvement)

  • Medical and administration (such as doctor’s information, allergies, medication and dietary requirements)

  • Attendances (such as previous absence patterns from education settings)

  • Behavioural information (such as exclusions)

  • Financial information (bank details, payment card details and benefits evidence)

  • CCTV footage


Most of the information we collect, we will get directly from you. There may be occasions when we get it from other sources. This could include referral agencies, employers and previous education and / or care settings.



How we use your data

We use your information, including sensitive data in the following ways: -

  • To support you during your time with us

  • To monitor and report on attendance, progress, examinations and assessments

  • To help us assess the quality of our courses and services

  • To assess your eligibility for funding, bursaries, course fees and student loans

  • To help us deal with enquiries, referrals, enrolments, complaints, suggestions and grievances

  • To enable us to provide information, advice and guidance

  • To conduct research, both internally and on behalf of government bodies

  • When monitoring equal opportunities

  • When administering finance (e.g. fees, bursaries)

  • To ensure your safety and security

  • Promoting our products and services

  • To develop care plans and support plans linked to your individual needs and aspirations and for individual risk assessments


Who we share your data with and why

We do not share information about the people who use our services with anyone without consent, unless the law and our policies allows us to do so.

We routinely share information (where relevant) with:

UK Government Bodies and other funding agencies (such as Local Authority (including Commissioners), NHS, Department for Work and Pensions, Ofsted and Student Loans Company)

We pass most of the information to government agencies to meet funding arrangements which includes meeting certain quality measures. This allows the government to monitor and track how well we are using funding. It also allows agencies to work together to ensure that we are meeting your needs.

If you are on a course with us, you may be contacted after you have completed it to establish whether you have entered employment or gone onto further training or education.

There may be instances where we have to escalate concerns which could include safeguarding issues, crime and to support the Prevent agenda.


Awarding Bodies

We share information with awarding bodies for registration and certification purposes as well as quality assurance


Employers and Educational Establishments

We will give information to employers for the following purposes:

  • Relevant updates if they are supporting your course with us or providing you with work experience

  • Attendance

  • If you need us to confirm that you have achieved a programme with us

  • To help you to apply for work


Partners and Researchers (for example, those who deliver services on our behalf)

We will only give them the information they need to fulfil their contractual obligations.


Know your data rights


Under data protection legislation, you have the right to request access to information about you that we hold. To make a request for your personal information contact The Data Protection Officer, City College Peterborough, Brook Street, Peterborough PE1 1TU or


You also have:

  • the right to ask for a copy of personal data that we hold about you


  • the right (in certain circumstances) to request that we delete personal data held on you; where we no longer have any legal reason to retain it.


Please note that due to the nature of our business, there are very restricted circumstances where you would have the right to have your data deleted, these are shown below:

  • if you have made an enquiry that has not resulted in an enrolment

  • if you are on a course which does not attract funding and does not lead to a formal qualification AND we have never in the past received any funding to offer you a course or other service or issued you with a formal certificate

  • if you access a ‘drop-in’ Hub without having been referred


  • the right to ask us to update and correct any out-of-date or incorrect personal data that we hold about you


  • the right to opt out of any marketing communications that we may send you


  • a right to seek redress, either through the ICO, or through the courts


If you have a concern or complaint about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, you should raise your concern with us in the first instance or directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Or Information Commissioners Office Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF

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