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Industrial Hub

We are located at Club Way Hampton, in unit B1 (formally Westcombes). Our role is to support a range of employment based activities with vulnerable supported adults.

These activities include:

​Upcycling pallets - Making new items from pallets such as Dart board cases, home décor items, coat/towel hangers, storage boxes, planters, wine racks and key holders. Due to the move this side of the Enterprise is now known as Hampton Handy-Crafts and the people who attend have a big part in making everything we produce.

An ongoing employment training scheme we have is the Kindling operation, it runs all year around. The supported adults break down wooden pallets into smaller pieces of wood which are then sold around Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. All of this is done as a team, from the deconstruction of pallets, removal of nails, wood splitting and sealing of bags to the deliveries themselves. This gives the individuals a chance to interact with customers and sales.

We also enable some employment opportunities which support people with a varied and wide range of skills such as can crushing, painting, grass cutting, garden maintenance, making hanging baskets  and envelope filling. So your ability is never an issue we’ll find something for you to take ownership of.

There is also a twice a week craft group producing various items for sale at craft fairs and on regular stalls at the main campus. This is a great social activity supporting people who may otherwise become socially isolated by encouraging them to meet and talk to new people.

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