Our enterprises are run in co-production with adults with learning disabilities and disabilities who are supported to contribute in all areas of the enterprise from decisions on what to make, purchase of supplies, production and selling.


The range of enterprises with differing support levels provide employment, skills development and work experience which meet the individual support needs, aspirations, skills and circumstances of each person. People learn important life skills
such as:


  • Money skills

  • Team work

  • Independent travel and/or travel planning

  • Communication

  • Customer service

  • Leadership

  • Mentoring

  • Hand eye co-ordination

  • Confidence building

  • A sense of belonging

  • Social integration

  • Health and safety

  • Food preparation and food hygiene


We support people to work at their ability and grow.  We have a fantastic community presence and provide an opportunity for people to be included as part of a team, developing communications, self awareness and personal growth.


Day Opportunities, City College Peterborough, Brook Street, Peterborough PE1 1TU

Tel: 01733 761361


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