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Digital CVs

What is a Digital CV?

Through the collation of audio and pictures, along with key information about their background, individuals see and discover their skill set through the production of a tailor made Digital Video CV. A bespoke written CV is also provided, with an embedded hyperlink going straight to their video. The written CV can be uploaded to any job search engine.


Who do we support?

We support individuals with barriers to employment - including physical and learning disabilities, impairments, anxiety/confidence issues and mental health challenges. Through the creation of a Digital CV, it allows individuals to showcase and learn about the skills they have, and to increase their confidence.

Once your CV has been completed, you can be referred through to the National Careers Service or Apprenticeship team at City College Peterborough if you feel this would be beneficial. We can also signpost you to additional courses or training to suit individual needs. 

Digital CV Process

  • Meet with the individual

  • Sign and date consent forms

  • Gather required information

  • Complete voice overs

  • Take photographs

  • Make CV


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digital cvs work
digital cvs work
digital cvs work
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