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Kingfisher Hub

The Kingfisher Hub has been open since 15 November 2016. 

The Hub staff team currently support 20 people Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 4.00pm to engage in a range of activities which have been identified as meaningful to them, both within the confines of the Hub and in the wider community including regular cooking groups, discussion groups and sports sessions.

Supported people can be supported to access Peterborough and to help plan their own days out including visits to the cinema, Peterborough Museum and other places of interest


Access to City College Peterborough courses and City Centre Hub is encouraged.  


The Fountain Tea Bar is overseen by the Kingfisher Hub staff team. We are looking at how we can develop this co-produced micro enterprise, as well as the supported people who work there. We want to help to develop life skills in cash handling, customer service and till operations. The focus has been on delivering a wider range of products, motivating people, and creating positive efficient service. 

The Hub staff team are also developing the Drop-In aspect of our work, where people need occasional light-touch support to deal with a letter, or situation. They can drop-in for advice, guidance and information as well as practical help. 

Signposting people to other organisations is also an important part of our work.

For further information please contact us on 01733-797709. 

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